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Tweet me like a fool. Tweet me mean and cruel…

Urgent.Academy gets off on the delightfully
wrong foot with the release of Nein. Et manifest.
Nein - Published by Urgent.Academy × A Mock Book × Tiderne skifter
Do you ever realize that the only thing worse than not knowing — is knowing? That remembering history means nothing if everybody repeats it? If so — meet Eric Jarosinski and the world of nein! In the format of philosophic tweets turned into a book – published by Urgent.Academy and A Mock Book.

In collaboration with A Mock Book we have published self-proclaimed failed intellectual and Twitter-phenomenon Eric Jarosinski’s new book: Nein. Et Manifest.
So what’s the story? Eric Jarosinski, an assistant professor of German literature at the University of Pennsylvania found himself procrastinating and struggling to complete his Ph.D dissertation. He then discovered Twitter, and that was the end of a traditional academic career for him but the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the rest of the world! Tweeting under the name NeinQuarterly, Jarosinski soon found that Twitter could provide him with something an academic career could not: actual readers!
Jarosinski explores how the specific format of the tweet can contain philosophical equivalents of jokes – in this context known as aphorisms, which are short, memorably written phrases expressing some sort of truth or astute observation, known from the likes of Nietzsche and Adorno.
Urgent.Academy publishes Nein in Danish
In November 2016, Urgent.Agency and A Mock Book decided to do their part in dispersing these bitter-funny and nihilistic jokes in the shape of a Danish translation of the Nein manifest (in Danish: Nein. Et Manifest) with a poignant prologue from well-known Danish author Knud Romer. The Danish reviews for Nein. Et Manifest were excellent, and we are thrilled and proud to bring attention to this literary gem in all its world-weary glory!
With the launch of Nein in Danish, we kick-started Urgent.Academy – our platform for exploring new ways of sharing ideas and knowledge. Now that Urgent.Academy has had such a fortunate start in life, there will be more where that came from! Knowledge and market, theory and practice, academy and plain old living – whatever catches our intellectual fancy. And strict criteria of urgency, of course!
Det er bogen alle æggehoveder må eje. Herfra lyder et trefoldigt Nein! for Jarosinskis manifest og hans fortsatte fiasko.
— Weekend Avisen

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