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Bellakvarter — from paper to pavement

In Bellakvarter, the road is paved with
more than good intentions.
Placemaking for Solstra Capital Partners
Placemaking for Solstra Capital Partners
Having witnessed the less than inspiring upstart of many of Copenhagen’s newer neighbourhoods, we put in an effort to cultivate an actual atmosphere in the making of Bellakvarter. We move place branding from image to actions – through a selected variety of urban interventions.

Some people seem to think that creating a neighbourhood is just a question of building a bunch of nice, modern-looking houses. And while that is certainly more than halfway there, experience shows that you need more than that to create an actual neighbourhood. So, the question is: how DO you create a real neighbourhood atmosphere?
A new neighbourhood, Bellakvarter in the area around Bella Center, is now well on its way, but about a year ago, the area surrounding Bella Center was merely a concept on paper. Solstra Capital Partners, the owner of the area, decided to add Urgent.Agency to the mix as urban quality consultants - in order to jump from paper to pavement. We have worked on brand strategy, identity and cultural development of the area and when the neighbourhood began being built, we put our efforts into creating….well, life!
Bellakvarter Dogville
Supporting urban life in the making
Building on the existing master plan of COBE and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects (with us as urban quality consultants), we developed concepts for how to programme urban spaces, squares, buildings and initiatives that support urban life in the early phase of the area. This summer, we opened up Nordgården - a previously private and closed off courtyard parking lot – to the public and created a new urban space. In the courtyard we designed and produced urban gardens (in collaboration with the great garden people from Slow), play facilities, opened a café and made a massive sketching of the future city in 1: 1 in yellow lines!
The ambition is to enhance the experience of the future city and create real qualities early in the process. We like to call it “time conscious planning” (as we find the term “temporary activation”, or “midlertidighed” as we say in Danish, utterly unambitious). The vision is to contribute to long-term urban quality by developing and testing projects in the making of new developments. It will be fun for a while – but also more than that. Go check it out for yourself; the word is on the street. Literally!
Child playing in Norgården

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