Urgent Agency - Culture design, Visual identity, Technology.
Urgent.Agency is a Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary design agency, specializing in culture design, place branding and visual identity. Danish Design Award winner in 2016.
culture design, visual identity, place branding
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From the most intimate spheres of our lives to big business, it’s the same: new forms of culture and technology are reshaping cities, organizations and companies. Building value in this space of change requires deep understanding of how people act and interact – and the ability to build meaningful relations.

Making an impact requires the ability to consider and transform cultures, by mediating technology, identity and design. We’ve created Urgent as a new type of agency, built on the conviction that engagement and relevance drives our interactions with places, brands and each other. Our work is driven by a sense of urgency and by deep professional ambition to develop more meaningful places.


Our work includes prizewinning culture design and development strategies, urban planning and identity work – often combined. We work with a variety of cities, companies and organizations from different fields.

We unite qualitative investigations, human-centered design and hands-on innovation competencies. Quite a few of our projects explore new solutions to contemporary challenges lost in the gaps between sectors and disciplines. Check out newer projects below.

Launching Urgent.Academy with Nein!

Urgent × A Mock Book × Tiderne skifter

With the launch of Urgent.Academy we are bringing knowledge to life in new and diverse ways. Our first project, in collaboration with A Mock Book, is the publication of self-proclaimed failed intellectual and Twitter phenomenon Eric Jarosinski’s new book:
Nein. Et Manifest. Eric Jarosinski quit his job as Assistant Professor in German to work full time with the 140-character format. The book is a philosophical study of our era’s most pressing issues. And the least urgent. Inspired by Nietzsche’s, Karl Kraus’, Walter Benjamin’s and Theodor W. Adorno’s aphorisms, Jarosinski reinvents philosophy to a world that is doomed to distraction.

Kunsten brand identity, wayfinding and website

Urgent × Kunsten

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg approached us with the challenge of designing its new visual identity. We collaborated with the Kunsten team in several workshops and drew inspiration from its architecturally iconic building – designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto – and Kunsten’s history of active and creative presence. To represent the ideas gathered, the design infused a modern take to Kunsten’s copper and marble materials and layering different materials representing the dynamic nature of the museum. These were applied to the signs and wayfinding, website, packaging, and others. The result was a consistent identity from the physical space and culture to all its communication.

Urgent Agency wins at the Danish Design Award

Urgent × Bjarke Ingels Group

Urgent.Agency’s project “Capital of Children” was awarded the Visionary Concepts category at this year’s Danish Design Award. The project presents the radical vision of Billund as a city designed to shape children as creative citizens. This powerful idea turns modern urban design concepts around by looking at cities from a child’s scale and perspective. Capital of Children was developed in collaboration with our partners Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Kirkbi, and Billund Kommune.

Citizens House in Odense

Urgent × Blue Bakery

Urgent.Agency and Blue Bakery have won the assignment to develop a vision and concept for the Citizens House (Borgernes Hus) in Odense, DK. The task is to develop and combine the main library, citizen’s service and voluntary associations in a new coherent and user-friendly experience. In our design process, with stakeholders, users and Odense Municipality, we use a number of cultural- and design tools and will develop an idea program for the Citizens House describing the house’s future functions, features, design principles and spatial and organizational relations. The project is realized in collaboration with Danish Design Center. The aim of the project is to rethink the way that municipalities and citizens provide, use and co-create welfare services.

Bellakvarter branding platform and visual identity

Solstra Capital Partners × Urgent

We are in the process of designing a visual identity and branding platform for Bellakvarter, the new neighbourhood developed by Solstra Capital Partners. The new identity brings together the true spirit of modern Copenhagen and a strong international spirit to represent Upcoming Copenhagen.

Fællesværk – steder vi skaber sammen

Youth Red Cross × Urgent

We’ve been working together with the Youth Red Cross developing a new identity and ideas program for 45 new spaces in Denmark. The result is a new name for the activity houses, Fællesværk, a new visual identity and an action guide.

Brandx(Place) - a place branding conference organized by Urgent.Agency culture design and Kolding Design School

Can a place be a brand? Can a brand inspire civic engagement?

Bruce Mau Design × LEGO × BIG × Snøhetta × DSK × Urgent × UiWE

Coming out of contemporary discourse and practice in architecture and design, the emergent phenomenon of place branding is operating on an increasingly large scale and seems poised to become the dominant organizing logic for how countries, landscapes, regions and municipalities communicate to the world. Taking time to reflect on trends and projects driving these developments, the Brand x (Place) conference invites practitioners to explore the possibilities and paradoxes emerging when branding displaces ideology as the unifying narrative for a shared set of national principles.

Can we promote lifelong play, learning and creativity on a citywide scale?

Realdania × Kirkbi × Billund Municipality × BIG × Urgent × UiWE

What is a playful city? Presenting a radical answer to this question, BIG and Urgent are developing a city vision putting children and play squarely at the center of urban design. While the small town of Billund is best known for being the hometown and headquarters of LEGO, recently namechecked as the world’s most powerful brand by Forbes, the city is also fast becoming an urban laboratory attracting the best brains and businesses working with play and creativity worldwide. Experimenting with novel public-private partnerships and a radical vision of being the Capital of Children allows Billund to activate ideas and knowledge about lifelong play, learning and creativity on a citywide scale.

Can design empower people with diabetes to take charge of their own treatment?

Novo Nordisk × Urgent

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases today, affecting nearly 1 in 10 adults worldwide. Easy and secure management of daily treatment is key to living a relatively carefree life for this growing group, yet too often communication and guidance from drug companies does little to meet the everyday concerns of real people. Responding to a call from Novo Nordisk to improve communication around a key product, we applied strategic, human-centered design to product packaging and manuals to create a simple, easy and friendly step-by-step approach to living with diabetes.

How do we organize co-living and co-working in the 21st century city?

Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs × LB Analyse × Urgent × UiWE

Digital technologies change our working and everyday lives in ways that are both profound and mundane. As our lives become increasingly connected they also become more fluid: constant communication with loved ones and colleagues blur the boundaries between work and home and our working lives are ordered less around linear careers and more around fluid constellations and new opportunities. How might we develop innovative co-living and co-working spaces drawing on these trends? While ideas about the death of space has been thoroughly rebuked, we’re still lacking satisfying answers to the question of what the meaningful creation of places connecting the global with the hyper-local might entail.


Winterspring × Urgent

Urgent is bringing a brand new desert brand to the next level. Winterspring combines the best ecological ingredients with state of the art Danish chefs like Rasmus Kofoed. Urgent is developing the digital strategy and web design.


We’re a team of highly specialized design and culture professionals coming together. Our partnership is driven by the shared conviction that genuinely value-creating solutions emerge by combining deep specialization and interdisciplinarity.

It’s our passion to develop human relations, be it in a building, a neighborhood or town, connecting places and people in smarter ways.

Mads Quistgaard
Design director — 0045 26 70 06 07

Mads is a specialist in connecting design practice and strategy and has been driving a broad range of design and branding projects for clients including d’Angleterre, Novo Nordisk, The Danish Parliament, Tate Modern, Bang & Olufsen, Arla and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He has 15 years of professional experience, including 3 as Creative Director at Kontrapunkt.

Christian Pagh
Culture director — 0045 26 38 06 06

Christian is a specialist in the interaction between culture, architecture and urban planning with substantial experience in turning site-specific qualities into creative and value-adding design solutions. Christian has been in charge of a variety of planning projects with cities, companies and organizations. Clients include Carlsberg, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Solstra Capital, BIG and the City of Copenhagen.

Benjamin Wernery
Graphic designer × Urgent

Benjamin is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strong ambition to bridge the disciplines of research, design and finish. He holds a BA and MA in Communication Design, and have a background as photographer and cinematographer.

Michaela Pihl Olsen
Architect & Graphic Designer × Urgent

Michaela has an MA in architecture with a focus on Type and Wayfinding. She has a multidisciplinary approach to her work merging architecture, graphic design and wayfinding to create meaningful solutions for spaces and brands. She previously worked at Kontrapunkt, and Duncan McCarley in Berlin. Michaela is passionate about sense of smell and her master project was creating a scent museum.

Delia Albu-Comanescu
Interaction designer × Urgent

Delia is a designer and concept developer passionate about solving social problems through design thinking. She can understand and visually interpret concepts, drive innovation and translate tech speak to neophytes.

Johanne Mortensen
Head of Communication × Urgent

Johanne is experienced in communication strategy and ties together sharp and meaningful words with her no non-sense attitude and keen interest in analysis and branding processes. She has an MA in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication and previously worked for the Danish Institute for Human Rights for 10 years as a Project Manager and Consultant. Johanne is also our resident film geek who writes film reviews.

Ricky Storm Braskov
Culture analyst × Urgent

Ricky is a culture analyst and concept developer passionate about cities, urban spaces and the people who inhabit them. At Urgent Ricky works with user involvement, analysis and strategy with an innovative and cross-disciplinary approach. Ricky has an MA in Communication and a background as a curator and cultural entrepreneur.

Mads Christian Sandholm
Junior graphic designer × Urgent

Mads enjoys working on conceptually strong identity design, editorial design, and branding. Mads was part of the Urgent Agency team in 2015 and returns to pursue his interest in a broad range of projects merging graphic design with culture design. He is finishing his MA in Communication Design.

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